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Where can I find a tut on how the resolver works?
Quite simplified, covers the basics but makes little or no
mention of the
resolvers speed limits. So in both cases, the encoder is
king, and much
cheaper to implement.

Thanks Andy.
Analog Devices 2S1200 will track a two-pole resolver to
60,000 RPM (1000 RPS).

And the heat sink and fans are how big?

The 2S1200 chip is CMOS, and runs completely cold. Don't know about the 60K RPM motor. We have a thing that spins a sample in an MRI magnet field at work at 300K RPM (5000 RPS). it is a tiny ceramic thing with notches in it, it forms an air bearing and an air jet shoots at the notches to spin in like a turbine. CRAZY technology.


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