On 03/09/2019 12:05 PM, a k wrote:
i am interesting in LCNC logic - how it work
for situation when LCNC command to axis to move 4" ,
and in case if axis moved only 3" ,for any reason like
1- axis hit obstacle;
2- power wire broke;

question-- how LCNC knows that need E-STOP?
If your servo amplifiers trip on overcurrent, they will signal an E-stop on the E-stop loop circuit.

If not, then the motion component is constantly watching following error, and if the error exceeds the limits you have set in the .ini file for each axis (MIN_FERROR is a constant limit, and FERROR is a velocity-proportional increase in the limit) then LinuxCNC goes to the Machine-OFF state (same as pressing F2). So, that is not exactly the same as an E-stop condition.

This will also stop all axes and give an error message such as "following error on Axis 2".


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