> Next step is to get the development software loaded and try to build a
> preempt-rt kernel. I have the sources both kernel sources and preempt_rt
> patches for both 4.19.31 and 5.0.7. Can anyone give me a hint as to which
> one to try first?

I am not an expert in this, so take this suggestion as such, but when I was
setting up an ethereum miner, I needed to make sure I had the right kernel
or the mining software (or GPU drivers or both) would hang.  I would
suggest you look for the existing kernel version and apply the patch for
the kernel you have.  You might have one step afterwards to see which patch
4.19xx or 5.0.7 works for your installed kernel, but at least you'll have a
starting point as to what you have on your system.

What kernel do you have
uname -a
Reply:  Linux ASrock1 4.10.0-28-generic (and some other stuff)
32 or 64 bit?  uname -m

Good luck and thanks for trying this and sharing, interested to see how it
works out.

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