Julien Cubizolles <j.cubizol...@free.fr> writes:

> Yoni Rabkin <y...@rabkins.net> writes:
>>> querying stream...done
>>> now playing: N/A on N/A, genre: N/A, bitrate: N/A
>> I just tried it and got:
>> querying stream...done
>> now playing: Indie LoFi College on SomaFM presents: Indie Pop Rocks!
>> [SomaFM], genre: Indie LoFi College, bitrate: Indie LoFi College
>>> I'm running emms-20160801.1349 from melpa.
>> I'm not involved with melpa. I tried it with the latest Savannah git.
> I tried emms from Savannah git and still got the N/A results. Maybe I'm
> not using the right function in emms-info-functions:
>> emms-info functions: (emms-info-mpd emms-info-libtag).
> Which one do you haveĀ ?

Getting info from a stream is a different thing than getting it from a
file, so the info functions don't apply. The streaming info backend is
determined by the variable `*emms-stream-info-backend*', which is set to
mplayer in my case.

I also note that while setting `*emms-stream-info-backend*' is mentioned
in emms-stream-info.el, it isn't mentioned in the manual. I'll add it to
the manual so people can do that in future.

(unless you feel like sending in a patch against the manual adding

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