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Unfortunately I think I gave too much space to finance and perhaps introduced 
the lenses of feminism and futurity too late as modes of thinking the relations 
of then and now with respect to net art.

Very briefly, futurity…the sense in which a future is already impinging upon, 
defining and producing the present. Three moments in a timetable of futurity 
for net art:

1.Discussions on nettle from 1997 about the net being a space of 
opportunities/potential/ future difference for art ‘on’ the net

2.In 2010, Prince declared that the Internet was over and the theme for 
transmediale 2010 was ‘FUTURITY NOW. 

3. The nowness of post-internet art...

what kind of future present does a ‘post interne' bequeath contenpoary 
networked art?

Does anyone on the list see themselves as a post-internet artist? Why?

Just curious!

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