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Many thanks Johannes for your participation over the years.  And thanks Simon 
for postiing again. 
It was never ever my intention to insult Simon Taylor as I mentioned to him in 
a personal email back channel last week.  For those of you that know me that is 
just not in my nature to insult anyone. 
Instead I was using his creative post to riff off, to write generatively from 
what he had written. 

Best to both of you. 

Renate Ferro
Visiting Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Art
Tjaden Hall 306

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    dear all
    I am also confused about the less than moderate comments received, and I 
had already exchanged a puzzled letter with Simon Taylor down at Waiheke 
Island, who I felt was insulted, and feeling ashamed a bit that I am/I was not 
more outspoken to express my discomfort with this list that had given great 
impetus, many times, and also caused disappointment at other times.
    That was really what I tried to say, I was not advocating passivity at all, 
dear Renate, I was suggesting (and yes, I am older and perhaps, like Ana, tired 
of lists and social media, or like Simon wonder, @youtoo, about the interesting 
and puzzling rejections that are floating, around the field, before 7th Seal, 
or death’s chess player interrupts as it happened last week, unpoetically but 
terminally; having wanted, in my last post, to pay my respects and gratitude to 
Melinda and Christina and the earlier artistic and vibrant intellectual 
exchanges here and on other lists that I like (un-moderated, like Netbehavior, 
without the need of “editorial boards”, a need never brought forward for 
discussion here to us who own this list and ought to have a say whether we want 
it) – so not having actually wanted to say I am overburdened by emails, or 
having no more time for this – on the contrary:
    I was trying to ask, others here, whether we can eventually stop fooling 
ourselves, about the 5775 or 2175 followers or subscribers or reactors not 
reacting, if in fact this month only a handful of subscribers bothered to 
write, what nine, or twelve?  so why ask about a listserv and how to justify 
itself for a “new era,” when Simon’s or Christina’s brilliant posts simply end 
up in an empty chamber, without echo. If Ana suggest that she has given up 
waiting for reactions.  If there is not need for echo,  resonance, other than 
self-congratulation, no need for sharper critique and honesty, then I’d say, 
forget the era, it’s over, you (the pyre) were rejected, it burnt up. (And yes, 
a four-year lag is fine, for me, the letter I received was personal and never 
needed to be public.)
    respectfully, and without regret,
    thanking many and all here with whom I corresponded
    over the years on discussions that moved me,
    not backwards into a lost era of flaneurs, but forward,.
    Johannes Birringer
    [Simon schreibt]
    I am confused about your introduction to my post: I am verbose? I am 
     also to the point. I am incomprehensible? I am also direct. I am 
     powerfully political. I am nonsensical. Poetic.
     ... I write to you as a recent PhD. in the job market, transcendent uber 
     alles. (Perhaps there is a market for the qualities you list? Please let 
     me know.)
    empyre forum

empyre forum

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