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Hi, Christina,

Johannes’ post helped me discover that your post too was cycled into my 
‘clutter’ by dear Microsoft.  Yeah, one of the coolest experiments you launched 
was letting non-English speakers publish in their home languages – I remember 
Spanish and French, no?    One of the earliest challenges of the “universal” 
internet was its exclusion of non-English speakers (still an issue of course – 
and we still encourage folks to write in their home languages when helpful to 
them).  Of course, you also worked so hard to bring –empyre- off the net, via 
the Documenta project, and the cool scholarships you arranged at Anderson Ranch 
in Colorado.  It’s great that we’ve all been able to extend this “outreach” in 
gatherings at ISEA, CAA, etc., and it would be great if our subscribers were to 
host similar cocktail meetings or break out sessions in their orbits.  The 
online  –empyre- archive, which continues to make available all posts on 
–empyre-, is an incredible resource that would be great to promote even for 
those who don’t have the energy to be active participants in our community.  
We, of course, also remain grateful to the institutional hosts, University of 
New South Wales and Cornell University, that continue to support –empyre- with 
server and programming assistance.

Hope you are enjoying the likely arrival of spring in California.



Timothy Murray
Director, Cornell Council for the Arts and Curator, CCA Biennial
Curator, Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art 
http://goldsen.library.cornell.edu <http://goldsen.library.cornell.edu/>
Professor of Comparative Literature and English
114 West Sibley Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853


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