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Dear Empyre users,

I’m one of Renate’s students, a freshman in Engineering. 
This is my first time using empyre, but also my first time being involved in 
the list serve community. Reading these posts, I especially sensed the 
generation difference between the 21st generation and the older generations. 

Computers were entering the market in 1977 and becoming common during the 
1980s. Around that time ListServ arose.  ListServ first began in 1986 by an 
engineering software program to automate the management of email lists. It 
provided functions that made it possible for users to search list archives for 
messages about various topics. ListServ was something many people turned to, 
because it was their way of social networking back in the old days. Because 
computers were new to many people and ListServ was a way for many people to 
network online for the first time, I believe that those people still have an 
attachment with ListServ to this day. However, I believe it is much more 
difficult for the newer generation to start using it, because it is often 
underrated due to other social networking options that are much more 
entertaining and relatable to them. The newer generation seeks for instant 
gratification, short writings, pictures and videos. And since LIstServs often 
consist of long posts, teens tend to get scared to participate. I enjoyed 
exploring empyre, but I can most definitely see how this network will be 
inconvenient for many of the younger generation. The younger generation usually 
only use Listserv when they want updates from their favorite shopping website 
or clubs they are in. Otherwise, if they were signed up for multiple Listservs, 
they would get millions of emails daily hiding important emails. 

I hope the older generation keeps the ListServ community thriving.


empyre forum

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