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Last of Four on Designer Baby ethics and aesthetics....

Looking forward to hearing the wrap up week.

The two biopolitical animal studies letters I posted above are meant to
contrast the very anthropocentric issues of the FDA GM babies post above
them.  I don¹t know if elite, DIY or corporate mass produced transhumans
count as human, super human, subhuman, post human, nextwave golemic or
a-humanist mugwump jismatics but we are all always animal already. I wonder
if the ethics of wetlab involvement in gore ethics of the Letter to Alba and
the livestock aesthetics of well bred Cloned Animal meat might help mete out
the home on the wide range that the diversity collage shuffle\d into this
millenium? In any case,  you can read into the issues of Human IGM Œbetween
the blinds¹ of the animal model concepts in the two letters.

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