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> Hello community,
> I just have a short question about emscripten's license model, especially 
> because emscripten has a lot of dependencies I think. Is it allowed to 
> re-distribute/package the emscripten-sdk+compiler, like emsdk-portable 
> package, together with a closed-source commercial application? So that the 
> customer doesn't need to download & install emscripten separately?

First of all note that "I am not a lawyer" (IANAL) and all that jazz. I think
Emscripten and its dependencies are licensed under
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permissive_software_licence licences and as such
allow that. Note however, that I suggest that, as a measure of good will,
provide the scripts that you used to build them into your package (but I think
you are not required to do so).


        Shlomi Fish

> Thanks

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