Hello once again,

Is this the place to post questions about emscripten? This group was listed 
on the emscripten official site and I was hoping to be able to get some 
answers regarding actually using this thing. Is there anyone out there who 
knows what I am asking here? It should not be too difficult as I believe 
what I am trying to do is a common thing that people developing modules 
using emscripten need to do.

I have found another funny work-around just loading the emscripten modules 
using a construct like this:
    var fs = require('fs');
    eval( fs.readFileSync( moduleName, { encoding : 'utf8' }) );

But I have been told this is not the 'recommended' way of doing this.

Anyway, i have more questions and will start another thread soon. I am just 
wondering if anyone ever gets a response from anyone in the community. I 
have been involved with the wxWidgets community and I often get responses 
within 1-2 days there.

Thank you,

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