The incoming branch now has a MALLOC option which can be either dlmalloc
(the standard allocator from before) or emmalloc, which is a new allocator
written to be small and simple. It's about a third of the code size of
dlmalloc, which can help on small programs that use malloc/free, where
sometimes malloc/free is most of the binary.

To try it, build with something like  -s 'MALLOC="emmalloc"'  . The only
observable difference should be smaller code size (around 7K or so), but in
some cases you may also see a performance difference - emmalloc is much
simpler than dlmalloc,which usually doesn't matter but on benchmarks that
stress huge amounts of tiny allocations it can be slower. For that reason
dlmalloc is still the default.

More details in

- Alon

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