(1) I would try to start with a pure GSL source repo, not the gsl-js repo 
(this provides a precompiled .js blob callable from Javascript, but it 
looks like you need GSL as a normal C library to be compiled with 

(2) the main problem here which I don't understand is why it's trying to 
call gfortran, from looking over the repositories I haven't seen any 
Fortran sources (which would be a show stopper), all I've seen is C headers 
and sources (which is good)

If I would tackle the problem I would probably throw away all the autoconf 
stuff, put all sources (GSL and libamtrack) into a common project 
directory, and write a simplest-possible cmake file with hardwired config 
for emscripten which compiles a static library. But YMMV of course :)

On Thursday, 5 April 2018 08:44:06 UTC+2, Peter wrote:
> Hello, I am working on application to provide easy way to use this library:
> https://github.com/libamtrack/library
> generally the main purpose is provide it as easy to use web application.
> So lately I am trying to convert it to JS using Emscripten.
> I have to problems:
> 1. GSL
> I found this: https://github.com/Planeshifter/gsl-js
> the emmake make for this is generrly sucessful but I don't know how to use 
> it during building main lib
>  but genrally during emmake I get error:
> fatal error: 'gsl/gsl_integration.h' file not found
> #include <gsl/gsl_integration.h>
> 2.
> make:
> libtool: link: gfortran -shared  -fPIC  
> .libs/libcernlibfuns_la-AT_CernlibFuns.o .libs/CERNLIBFUNS.o   -lgsl 
> -lgslcblas -lm  -g -O2   -Wl,-soname -Wl,libcernlibfuns.so.0 -o 
> .libs/libcernlibfuns.so.0.0.0
> libtool: link: (cd ".libs" && rm -f "libcernlibfuns.so.0" && ln -s 
> "libcernlibfuns.so.0.0.0" "libcernlibfuns.so.0")
> emmake make:
> libtool: link: gfortran -shared  -fPIC  
> .libs/libcernlibfuns_la-AT_CernlibFuns.o .libs/CERNLIBFUNS.o   -lgsl 
> -lgslcblas -lm  -g -O2   -Wl,-soname -Wl,libcernlibfuns.so.0 -o 
> .libs/libcernlibfuns.so.0.0.0
> .libs/libcernlibfuns_la-AT_CernlibFuns.o: file not recognized: File format 
> not recognized
> collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
> I know that probably its really easy to figure it out how to do it, but I 
> spend last week trying to find some solution and nothing :(
> If someone would give me a hint where to start it would be really greate.
> Thank you for you time,
> peter

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