I'm drawing to a single canvas, via embind not using SDL. I discovered the 
preload image option which I'm trying 2 work out how to use so that I can 
make sure I can get the dimensions of all the images I am loading at the 
time of construction of my c++ class, since UI dimensions are derived 
from those images. 

I am preloading images with --preload-file ./img@/ producing a .data 
file alongside my html maps 2 root, all good

I can check for the existence of the file with fopen, but I need to draw 
the image into a canvas. 

I can see emscripten_get_preloaded_image_data, but that will give me a char*

I've been trying to set the .src attribute of an img using the path of one 
these preloaded files, e.g.

  val img = val::global("Image").new_();

  img.set("src", std::string("knob.png"));

but I get a 404 image not found

is there any way to preload images in this way and load them into an img 
for drawing in canvas or am I taking completely the wrong approach?

Should I preload images into imgs. in a pre-js if I want to take this 

thanks very much


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