Hi all,

At the moment I'm working on a wasm backend for OCaml and using Emscripten 
for the C parts of the OCaml compiler. For the wasm parts generated by C to 
communicate with parts generated from OCaml I will need to have linking in 
place. Ideally I want to do this using LLD with the 
`EMCC_EXPERIMENTAL_USE_LLD=1` flag, but when trying to build using this 
flag I'm getting:

warning: unresolved symbol: __invoke_i32_i32 
warning: unresolved symbol: __invoke_i32_i32*_i32 

Now the * is easily changed to something else, but I'm not sure how to 
solve the implementation part. From what I understand, something like:

function invoke_ii(index,a1) {
  try {
    return Module["dynCall_ii"](index,a1);
  } catch(e) {
    if (typeof e !== 'number' && e !== 'longjmp') throw e;
    Module["setThrew"](1, 0);

which is what happens when using `EMCC_EXPERIMENTAL_USE_LLD=0`, should be 
implemented. The `dynCall`s seem to be generated, but I'm 
not sure how to call the correct one from `__invoke_i32_i32` for example.

Any guidance on this would be much appreciated,


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