Yes. I don’t see a big difference between „WGLC" and "send to IESG“ but it’s 
good to have a deadline!

> Am 18.02.2018 um 12:48 schrieb Jari Arkko <>:
> Mirja,
>> I would actually rather like to see milestones for when the work is supposed 
>> to
>> be finished (send to IESG for publication) than when it is supposed to start
>> (wg adoption) as the first is probably harder to achieve in time than the
>> second.
> I suggested edits to the milestones in a response to Kathleen’s
> comments, and the suggested edits include having both start
> (adopt) and end (WGLC) for all work items. Does that work for
> you?
> (Although some of our charters speak about WGLC and others
> about sending to IESG… not sure the difference matters.)
> Jari

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