On Nov 7, 2019, at 12:30 PM, Owen Friel (ofriel) <ofr...@cisco.com> wrote:
> [ofriel] Question to the WG: should the TEAP changes for TLS1.3 be included 
> in draft-dekok-emu-tls-eap-types?

  If they're minor, it may be OK.

> Or in draft-lear-eap-teap-brski - and note that the title is changed to " 
> TEAP Update and Extensions for Bootstrapping "? Or potentially both? Eliot, 
> Nancy and I had planned on adding TLS1.3 updates to 
> draft-lear-eap-teap-brski, but haven't got it done yet.

  Since it looks like TEAP hasn't actually been implemented much, it's probably 
best to move the TLS 1.3 fixes into a general "oops, we need to fix TEAP" 

  Alan DeKok.

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