Hi All,

Here are our meeting notes from last week's meeting on Friday September
16th, 2016: https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/TeamMeetings/16-SEP-2016  I'm
also adding the notes below. Thank you to those who joined!

We hope you'll join the next meeting, on Friday September 23 @ 17:00 UTC,
on #engagement.

Thanks, and have a great week, everyone!



Engagement Team Meeting 16 September 2016AGENDA


   New member introduction: *Mario*

   GNOME local groups: *Bucharest*
   - Extensions


   - Mario
   - Razvan
   - Rares
   - Adelia
   - Nuritzi
   - Cassandra
   - Zana


Meeting Notes

GNOME Bucharest

Already created facebook group, IRC, wiki


   - #gnome-bucharest


Need mailing list

   - Need to file a sysadmin bugzilla

Linux Install Fest 2nd week of October

   - Need handout with GNOME info for Install Fest
   - Carlos might give a speech on campus at UPB
   - Ubuntu vs. Fedora (sounds like Ubuntu is the best option for now since
   people already use it)

Action Items


   *@Razvan* Email Nurizi with ideas for text for handout (e.g. links to
   facebook group, wiki, gnome.org, etc.)

   *@Razvan, Rares* Determine t-shirt costs, quantity, and sizes, email
   Nuritzi to request budget

   *@Razvan, Rares* Look for sticker vendors, also send email to request

   *@Razvan, Rares* Join Engagement mailing list (or go to #sysadmin to get
   set up)

   *@Razvan, Rares* File a sysadmin bugzilla to request mailing list


   - Need to talk to core developers about extensions/implementing
   extension functionality (ex. GNOME weather w/ weather indicator)
   - Get the design team to give guidelines for extension developers
   - Give "do's" and "don'ts" since currently there isn't enough
   information on how to support extensions (esp. common use cases like
   indicators, status-menu-panels)
   - Create a wiki page for extensions and extension community stuff
   - Currently it's hard to find information about it or about how to get
   in contact
   - Ask Bastian and Carlos where it makes sense to have this wiki since it
   can be used to get newcomers
   - Extensions are an easy way to get into shell programming
   - Want people to follow our guidelines as a helping hand and to
   encourage best practices
   - Would be nice to establish a mailing list for extensions #gnome-shell
   - Mario will be more involved mid-october / early november

Action Items

   - *@Mario* request a mailing list by filing a sysadmin bugzilla
   - Create a wiki
   - Add information to newcomers page

   *@Razvan* Ask Carlos where extensions should be posted on newcomer page
   or if he has any ideas for how to get people interested in extensions.
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