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> To me the new website still doesn't convey what GNOME is. It is better
> than the previous one, which used really abstract terminology, in
> that it prominently features a laptop running GNOME. However, just
> saying that it is "an easy and elegant way to use your computer", or
> that it "has been designed from the ground up to help you have the
> best possible computing experience" is still vague.
> When I go to "learn more", I see some nice screenshots and text, but
> it still expects my to read between the lines to figure out that GNOME
> is a client side OS (or a desktop environment for the more technically
> savvy) for laptops and desktops.


The updated design is mostly a relayout of the previous site. It's a big
improvement and something that was long overdue. My hope is that it will
mark the start of a more active period of development for the website.
There are lots of things that could be improved.

I largely agree that we have more work to do to properly introduce and
describe the project. However, I don't think the answer is to state that
GNOME is simply a desktop environment or a client side OS (an obvious
question - how do you describe these to someone who isn't familiar with
that terminology?)

The difficulty is that GNOME is a number of things - an OS/desktop UX, a
stack, an application platform, a collection of technologies (that can be
repurposed), an effort to integrate and test. We're not just about our own
code, but other people's code too. And we're more than code - we're a
project, an initiative, a community, a set of values.

We could communicate these things in a few different ways. One option we've
considered in the past is to have a more value-driven banner as the first
thing you see on the home page. Another alternative might be to give the
different aspects of the project (UX, technologies, mission) a more
prominent place on the home page, with more equal weighting.

tl;dr version - it's not a trivial issue, but it would be good to figure it

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