Hi everyone,

I first started working on the release notes back in 2011, during the
GNOME 3 hackfest in Bangalore. I still have a vivid memory of Andre
patiently helping me to get started in a hot, humid room, with fans
whirring above our heads...

Fast-forward six years, and I've been the principle author of the
release notes for pretty much every GNOME 3 release - that's 15
releases in total. I think that it's well time for me to pass the
baton on to someone else, so I've decided that GNOME 3.28 will be the
last time that I take charge of the release notes.

I'm giving you all plenty of notice, so that you can plan for 3.30.
Also, I'll still be around to advise, and I'm happy to onboard anyone
who wants help getting started. However, I don't intend to be the
primary author in the future.


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