Hey folks, regarding my request for voting for my activity. The URL is no 
longer valid, The NEW URL is: 

Thanks for all the attention. Just remembering that the period of voting ends 
day 13 of this month.


From: Rafael Fontenelle
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2018 4:46 PM
To: Claudio Santoro
Cc: engagement-list@gnome.org
Subject: Re: GNOME Talks at Campus Party in Brasília, Brazil

Hello, Claudio!

The provided URL returns "Página não disponível" (page not found). Maybe it is 
not available to the public yet? Could you please provide another path to vote 
in your activity?

Best regards,
Rafael Fontenelle

2018-04-09 15:59 GMT-03:00 Claudio Santoro <claudio.sant...@redes.unb.br>:
Hey guys, I’m Claudio from GNOME Engagement Team, and I’m proposing a GNOME 
Talk at the 2nd edition of Campus Party in Brasília,
For who knows, Campus Party it’s the biggest tech event in Latin America.
Here are more details:
“Guys, I'm trying to run a talk in behalf of GNOME for the next edition of 
Campus Party that will happen this May, but for that the activity need get 
votes, I ask here for everyone that could give a support by voting in the 
activity. For that you need create an account in the platform of Campus Party 
called "Campusero" (http://campuse.ro), and click in "Join/Participate" in my 
activity that it's in this URL: 
Just register at http://campuse.ro and vote on my activity. Your help it’s a 
lot appreciated!
Thanks & regards,
Claudio Santoro

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