On 09.08.17 16:57, David Boles wrote:
> A while back I reported that Enigmail was broken by Thunderbird
> v56 (The Daily) which was patched in Enigmail 2.0a1pre. Thunderbird v56
> has advanced to the Beta channel and since the release was not patched
> it still does not work.
> However Thunderbird v57 was released as the new 'Daily' and Enigmail
> 2.0a1pre does not work with it. Nor does the current Enigmail
> release version.
> Again I understand that you do not follow software under development but
> I thought a warning might be of help.

There's no need to warn me. Mozilla developers are removing a lot of
APIs from Firefox (and consequently Thunderbird), and it's not
surprising that Enigmail does not work until I adapt to those changes.

Some of these changes are even difficult to fix for Thunderbird.


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