On 07.03.18 19:22, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> Hi all--
> Today i have done several trial run-throughs, thunderbird 1:52.6.0-1+b1
> + enigmail 2:2.0~beta2-1 on debian testing/unstable.  I have a few
> observations and recommendations about the setup wizard.
> I chose the "standard configuration (recommended for beginners)".  all
> the recommendations below are only for people using the wizard in
> "standard mode".

I did not change the setup wizards at all with respect to Autocrypt. I'm
 planning to do this for Enigmail 2.1 (or whatever the next version will
be called). There are many things that should be improved, but at some
point it's better to create a new release, than to continue development

That said, I agree with most of what you say below, but I won't change
most of it for 2.0 anymore.

> --------------------------------
>  * The "create key" part of the dialog box has scrollbars, which makes
>    it pretty awkward to use:
>    Recommendation: resize the dialog box to not need the scrollbars

That's platform-specific. I don't see that on macOS. I'll try to fix it.

>  * The text in the "create key" dialog box is quite a lot.  It's much
>    more than any beginner who chose a standard configuration will
>    probably read.
>    Recommendation: Remove all of the current text.  Under the
>    "Account/User ID" dropdown box, include something like this:
>        Enigmail lets you send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages
>        with this e-mail account.  Only this Enigmail profile will be
>        able to read these encrypted messages.
>        To protect these messages further, you can lock them with a
>        password below.  All encrypted messages will be unreadable
>        without the password.
>    Optionally, we could hide the entire password-setting UI inside a
>    collapsible frame labeled "Set end-to-end password"
>    The text about umlauts and character classes should be shown only
>    when the user enters a password that has the properties that it is
>    warning about. (e.g. maybe the field that currently shows "passphrase
>    should contain at least 8 characters")

Interestingly, *two* usability studies have suggested that the
explanations before were insufficient. The current text is actually the
suggested text from the last usability study.

>  * The circled red+white X that shows when one of the password fields is
>    bad is weirdly stretched.
>    Recommendation: fix the aspect ratio of the image :)

I'll check what I can do.

>  * When i click the "Create Revocation Certificate" button, i get a
>    popup dialog box saying "The revocation certificate could not be
>    created", with a "close" button.  When i click "close", it takes me
>    to a file chooser.  Then i choose a file, and it shows me the same
>    "revocation certificate could not be created" dialog box.  I can
>    cycle between these things indefinitely.
>    When i finally tire of this, the only option left to me is to cancel
>    the wizard.  It prompts me with something like "are you sure you want
>    to cancel the wizard?" with choices of "close" or "continue".  I feel
>    bad because i do want to continue, but i choose "close".   Then, when
>    i go back into the Setup Wizard via the Enigmail submenu, it just
>    asks me to choose a key (my now-existent key is present, so i choose
>    it), and then it tells me i'm done (without offering to create a
>    revocation certificate).

I'll look into this. Which version of gpg are you using exactly?

>  * System charset:
>    looking at the logs, i see the following:
>      2018-03-07 19:18:18.293 [DEBUG] system.jsm: determineSystemCharset: 
> charset='iso-8859-1'
>    This is just wrong.  Everything about my operating system is
>    configured with UTF-8, not iso-8859-1.  I haven't read system.jsm to
>    see how it determines this result, but it's 2018.
>    Recommendation: enigmail should default to UTF-8 if there is any
>    uncertainty about the system charset.

Strange. Is LC_ALL defined in your environment? If not, where is the
"locale" executable (/usr/bin/locale ?)

> I hope this is useful feedback!

It surely is :-)


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