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Cedric Bail <ced...@ddlm.me> wrote:
> Yup, paypal is not free and not without risk.

Nothing is without risk. But digital currency is very risky. At least
there is some customer service, fraud protection etc.

There is also Google Pay (wallet), but I am not a fan of Google. It also
is not nearly as widely used.

> > > in France, for associations, a bank account is never free of
> > > charge. In that regard, paypal is better than a bank account  
> > 
> > France may not be the best country for such entity. I am not sure
> > you can turn things over to say SPI or SFC if the entity is in any
> > country other than US.  
> What would be the benefit of SPI/SFC ?

In short they handling the financial and legal paper work and
compliance. They are accountants, attorneys/lawyers, etc. Things most
tech projects and communities lack. Handing it over to another ensures
things are kept in order, legal filings done on time, properly, etc.

They do charge a fee, and are not perfect, pros and cons. Just
mentioning for consideration.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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