On 04/05/2018 08:16 AM, Hermet Park wrote:
> hermet pushed a commit to branch master.
> http://git.enlightenment.org/core/efl.git/commit/?id=ec7bcc79e7c1d89311faafe1022b76a48cbe2de5
> commit ec7bcc79e7c1d89311faafe1022b76a48cbe2de5
> Author: Hermet Park <hermetp...@gmail.com>
> Date:   Thu Apr 5 15:15:34 2018 +0900
>     ecore: resolve the possible use of invalid handle.
>     Signed-Off-By: JongMin Lee<jm105....@samsung.com>

I wonder what is it with all this usage of SOB lately.

Let me repeat how this works. If JongMin did this patch, he should be listed as 
patch author. Git can handle this with the --author parameter.
If the patch was done by you but based on something from JongMin, you should 
state so in the commit message (like "based on a patch from

We have no document that backs up the meaning of of the signed of by (read up 
on developers certificate of origin to find out what SOB is
used for).

And clearly this this SOB was manually added, git would have formatted it 
differently. :-)

Stefan Schmidt

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