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> On Thu, 5 Apr 2018 19:08:04 -0400 "William L. Thomson Jr."
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> this is totally correct behavior for efreetd. efreetd is run when
> efreet_init is called if the process can't connect to an existing
> efreetd socket successfully. it's creating a dir for its socket so
> that multiple processes can talk to it. it uses XDG_RUNTIME_DIR by
> default if set, if not then it'll use /tmp instead for the socket
> dir. this is not efreetd actually but ecore_con and it's policy of
> pugging socket files if not a full path in RUNTIMEDIR/.ecore/

Why does edje_cc need this? It seems to work with it failing. Which
makes me think it is not necessary. If it was necessary, edje_cc would
fail to generate the edj. 

Why does edje_cc need to connect to an external efreetd process? Maybe
it should use more embedded use of efreet and not rely on socket
connection for a single process using efreet. Not running anything,
building stuff.... No multiple process, no need for efreetd beyond

> so - fix your sandbox to not disallow this. 

Gentoo sandbox does not allow, nothing specific to my environment.

> limiting your sandbox from
> accessing XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is probably a very bad idea, because this
> is the standard "xdg" location for any run-time files. sockets or any
> other relevant "only around during runtime of a users log in session"
> files (thus they are not expected to persist and this dir and it not
> shared between users etc.) :)

This is during build, nothing is running. Also this violates
Gentoo distro specific build policies.

"All packages must build correctly when sandbox is active. "

Very very few if any packages violate sandbox. Thus it is usually an
application problem not sandbox. The only way I can get around is with
FEATURES="usersandbox", which is incorrect hack around a problem.

None the less this occurs even when not in a sandbox. This is running
as root. Yet the directory creation is failing. It does not effect the
application at all. Just like it had no effect on edje_cc.

Completely different OS and environment, no sandbox, exact same error.
Something seems off there. The direction creation fails a lot. It does
not seem the failing ever has any effect on application run. If it was
needed, application would fail or have some issue.

Seems like something does need to be fixed.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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