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> mental note. never explain anything to you in future. :) you have no
> interest in why. next time i shall just say:

The key point there is I did not ask for an explanation.
> "fix your sandbox to allow writing to that dir".
> as that is the correct answer generically for any environment with an

Again I specifically stated...

"I am not sure if there is some environment variable that can be set to
get around this issue."

To which again for like the 5th time now. The correct answer is yes,
the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR variable.

Maybe focus more on the question being asked, than the underlying
reasoning as to why a problem is happening from the technical sense.
The answer was over engineered.

> i could explain why that is wrong... but see above. :)

Again there is no need for an explanation. When you mention that the
solution is the variable. Then it is self explanatory....

Given the nature of said variable. One can easily read documentation
which you provided links to. That I had already read a bit ago. As part
of my research on variables that need to be set and other general.

I had already read the provided linked document. I was aware of that
variable. I was not aware that variable was causing the issue I was
experiencing. That simply changing it to another value would correct the
problem. It was a simple solution which required a simple answer.

Much like a previous question on how you set custom text in edj...
Which I had to figure out on my own, and was trivial... But that got
buried in this reply, scroll down to paragraph after

"Do you all care about such issues?"

I will re-post that section. Mostly for others who may want to set
custom text. I did find such information else where. It was the
question that lead to a discussion in IRC where Raster kicked me from
IRC. The first time I was kicked, and start of my E community issues.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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