Hi all,

the last stable release of EpyMC is waiting for you !!

Direct download link for this release:

On the Github wiki you will find all the needed instructions for installing
and using the media center, along with screenshots and screencasts.

Happy playing

Changelog for the 1.2 release

New features:
 * New Photo module
 * New PosterGrid/CoverGrid views
 * New South Park Studios online video channel
 * New themoviedb.org online video channel (with movie trailers)
 * Added a new secret online channel
 * Virtual keyboard is now also usable with the real keyboard
 * Virtual keyboard now support multiple layouts
 * Show the status of the downloads in progress (with ability to
 * Thumbnailing ability, using a custom Ethumb slave process
 * Automatically (and manually) download and update youtube-dl
 * New Watchdog module (sadly gstreamer1 sometimes hang the mainloop for me)
 * Cache to file remote images for faster reloading
 * Support remote urls also in the mediaplayer cover image
 * Show current folders in the file-manager
 * Option to hide the mouse cursor when not needed (not move or video
 * Support for subtitles embedded in the video files
 * New check_po setup command, give translations stats with a nice bar

 * Initial music library scan is now 10 times faster (measured with the
   and the config folder on the same slow HDD) see Issue #2 for more info.
 * Lots of improvements in the Music module and the AudioPlayer itself:
   playlist is now visible and browsable, player/playlist controls are
   reachable in the UI, ability to set loop and shuffle.
 * Better zapiks video schannel

New Translations:
 * Finnish

 * Dropped python 2 support, you MUST use python 3 from now on
 * Removed broken traileraddict channel (use the new tmdb instead)
 * Use elm focus in place of the custom EmcFocusManager
 * We now use ecore_con.Url for fetching data from the net (instead of
   ecore.file_download + file read + file delete)

Bug fixed:
 * Fixed poster hiding (and console errors) for efl >= 1.16
 * Fixed posters for the vimeo channel
 * Fixed tmdb language selector in config
 * Fixed (hopefully) subs decoding
 * Fixed video download to work again
 * Fixed a bug that was causing fileman buttons to be clickable also when
 * Removed usage of elm deprecated ObjectItem.data_get() function
 * Removed edc warning about "fixed: 1 1"
 * Fixed compatibility with python 3.5 (os.path.exists no more accept
 * Updated yt scraper to latest web changes
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