Hi Dave,

On 14 September 2016 at 03:09, Davide Andreoli <d...@gurumeditation.it>

> Hi guys,
> I think I found a behaviour break/regression in elm_image (or maybe edje
> swallow)
> in the 1.18 release.
> http://www.enlightenment.org/ss/e-57d83f0a338445.82540083.jpg
> Look at the provided screenshot: the image in the top-left corner should be
> top-aligned
> inside it's swallow (the red rect)
> The image is an elm_image, while the transparent red rectangle is the
> swallow where
> the image is swallowed into. To keep the image top-aligned in the swallow I
> was
> using size_hint_align(0.5, 0.0) on the elm_image.
> I'm quite sure this was working in 1.17 but do not work anymore in 1.18.
> I don't know if the breakage is in elm_image (so I need to spank jpeg) or
> is in
> edje (don't know the person to spank here)
> some ideas? what is the intended behavior in this case?

This is probably a regression in elm_image.
I've opened T4635 to track this.

Jean-Philippe André
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