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> Hello everyone,
> So this email is going over what is left to be done to call EFL
> interface done. Most of this require still discussion also. Here it
> goes :
> - Merge Eo, Efl and Ecore
> - Make efl_uri_set/efl_file_set asynchronous
> - Convert Ecore_Exe to the new efl_io API
> - Fixup efl/interface/*.eo to all be in the correct namespace
> - Disable installation of evas/canvas/evas*.eo
> - Convert edje to become efl_canvas_layout
> - Update Edje with the new Text API
> - Convert elm_layout to become efl_ui_layout
> - Convert elm_widget to be an efl_ui_object of some sort
> - Update all efl data model to use efl_future/efl_promise
> - Add proper View and Controller for Genlist/Gengrid (see D3952 for some
> ideas)
> - There is still a large amount of .eo in elementary that are in elm
> namespace. This shouldn't be installed nor appear anywhere in the
> hierarchy.
> - Finish porting some of the widget to Efl.Ui namespace (photocam,
> index, entry, button, calendar, clock, menu, ...). This needs to be
> clarified with some pending patch in phab.
> This are quite a large todo list to be done with, hopefully it will...

- evas smart objects
Evas smart objects are a stable legacy API but their equivalent in EO is
horrible. Efl.Canvas.Group is not an acceptable replacement in its current
form. All the methods this class defines are poorly defined overrides over
the basic object functions (show, hide, etc...). I've started some work in
this direction but it's tedious and risky. The alternative is to have no
API for custom smart objects.

- elm_widget
elm widget was and still is an unstable / private API. I don't think
cleaning up this API is in the scope of our interfaces work, right now.

- text part API
Textblock now has a new shiny eo api but edje_object and elm_layout still
define _part_text_ APIs. This needs to be transformed to Efl.Part.

- efl.ui.window + elm_conformant
Ideally window should have merged in the features of conformant so we avoid
this extra awkward widget. Window was supposed to handle what conformant
does. The reality is that no work towards that goal has been done yet.

Jean-Philippe André
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