On 22/09/16 00:38, Andrew Williams wrote:
> Following 1.18 I released Edi 0.4 - but I forgot to upload to our download
> site. Would someone please be able to add the download from
> https://github.com/ajwillia-ms/edi/releases/tag/v0.4.0 to our download site?

I tried to but edi folder on the system is only writable by the user and 
not the group. Which means currently only Mike could write new files 
into it. Either get Mike to upload or fix the group permissions or get 
and admin changing it. Beber or Raster should have the rights to do so.

When looking over this some suggestions sprung into my head. Up to you 
if you want to follow them. :)
o You are missing checksums to allow people verify the file got 
downloaded correctly
o For efl we switched from bzip2 to xz as the additional compression 
format for better speed and compression rate. Still keeping gz for legacy.
o No news entries on www.e.org (while we host/mirror the tarballs and 
also have an app about page)

Stefan Schmidt

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