Hello everybody,

I am here to let you know about another project using EFL : botman : 
It actually depends on (evil) eina eet ecore eio and the maelstrom lib 
from zmike.

This project is about managing servers over an XMPP network.
I have always like the idea of managing machines over a talk network
(used to do it over IRC years ago).

We deploy a bot (botman) on each server we want to manager, and we have
a central bot (alfred) that help us to cache various informations, or
run spam commands.

An XMPP client isnt always necessary as there is an HTTP server running
on top of that, giving an HTML interface.

So we have the following schema :

   User1 <--- (XMPP|HTTP) ---> Alfred <-----> Server1
   User2 <----'                          `--> Server2
   ...                                        ...

So basically, we use this project here to be able to :
- Get alerts about unusual stuff (like raid status)
- Get notified on any created coredump on servers, and being able to get 
a full backtrace
- Store various variables in memory, to send them to alfred, which will 
help us to read them.
- A seen module that can help us to find bots based on a licence name, 
JID, or global status.
- Send spam to bots matching a given pattern (* for every bots)
- Being able to create reverse ssh tunnels, to forward a port on a 
maintenance server, allowing
   us to reach a port on the server, even behind a NAT.
- Fetch various system information (serial numbers etc).
- Get versions of installed packages, and search on version numbers (eg 
list every server
   that is not up2date).
- Filter access rights on commands, for each user (not usable with the 
HTTP module yet)

Very few documentation is available there : 
The HTTPd module isnt documented yet, as it will be shipped in the next 
version (but code is
already on the git).

For example the HTTP module allows to send spam commands and also 
start/stop reverse tunnels,
and can be plugged to wetty to directly get a web ssh terminal in a few 
clicks, on a NATed

Right now, i dont have real numbers, but it probably manages :
- ~100 - 150  BSD servers.
- ~100 - 150  Debian servers.
- ~500 - 1000 Windows servers.

I just wanted to let you know about this uncommon project that uses EFL.
As its freesoftware, if any of you likes it and wants to use/help, let 
me know.

Thx to everyone reaching this line :)

gυιℓℓαυмε ғяιℓσυx

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