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 //This is not a theoretical C language specifications document. It is a 
practical primer for the vast majority of real life cases of C usage that are 
relevant to EFL on today's common architectures. It covers application 
executables and shared library concepts and is written from a Linux/UNIX 
perspective where you would have your code running with an OS doing memory 
mappings and probably protection for you. It really is fundamentally not much 
different on Android, iOS, OSX or even Windows.//
 //It won't cover esoteric details of "strange architectures". It pretty much 
covers C as a high level assembly language that is portable across a range of 
modern architectures.//
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 ==== Your first program ====
 Let's start with the traditional "Hello world" C application. This is about as 
simple as it gets for an application that does something you can see.


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