I am currently trying to clean up our EO APIs for elementary and I'm
hitting a small issue. By clean up I mean removing the unwanted EO files
from the install, as well as the EO APIs for widgets that we don't want in
the future (eg. ActionSlider).

If we don't install the eo header file, then elm_widget_actionslider.h
becomes useless as it relies on the EO class.

This raises the following question: should we really install these
elm_widget_xxx headers? Those are exposing elementary's internal
structures, are marked (in a comment) as unstable, so are not really part
of EFL's API.

To me it looks like the result of laziness (install everything rather than
being careful) and a poor attempt at allowing customization of widgets.
With the current EO model I believe we should not be exposing internals
(but have @protected and @beta functions instead).


Jean-Philippe André
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