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> thanks, it looks like it works for the default team but has no effect on 
> Clearlooks.
The clearlook theme seems to be missing the textclass definitions for different 
parts.  This would be really easy to fix.  If you want to learn some edje and 
contribute I suggest decompiling clearlooks and find places which are missing 

You can compare with the default theme in e/data/themes. For example:
>From default_border.edc

 part {
         name:           "title2";
         type:           TEXT;
         mouse_events:   0;
         description {
            state: "default" 0.0;
            align: 1.0 0.0;
            visible: 0;
            rel1 {
               relative: 0.0  0.0;
               offset:   0    7;
            rel2 {
               relative: 0.0  0.0;
               offset:   0    7;
            text {
               text_source:   "e.text.title";
               source:        "e.text.title";
               min:           0 1;
               text_class:    "title_bar";

We can see this is a part of type TEXT, that means it can have a text_class. 
Just find all of the TEXT parts in clearlooks and make sure that they have 
text_class which matches bling.  

Remember, all themes only have a limited number of text classes to choose from. 
 These are listed in src/bin/e_int_config_fonts.c.

Have Fun, 


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