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> Maxi, il 23/11/2012 18:57, ha scritto:
> > I´m a new user in E17 alpha4 , it's amazing how it works but I have no
> > wifi connection and tells me econnman Module missing.
> how did you install e17?
> econnman is an external app, you can find it in /trunk. for it to work it is
> necessary also to install the following packages, if they're not already
> present: python-evas
> python-ecore
> python-edje
> python-e_dbus
> python-elementary
> however econnman is optional, networking should work even without it.

you shouldnt need econnman to connect to a network - the connman module talks
to the connman daemon to get a network connection - it handles the most basic
connection needs. econnman is a python utility that gives you many more
fine-grained controls.

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