So I thought it was about time I posted about the EDI project that I'm 
working on. The Dev list has seen this before but I thought it was a 
good time to post on this list too.
In an attempt to learn EFL whilst reducing barriers to new devs I wanted 
to create an IDE for / using EFL.

And i've just started phase 2 - a "code aware editor".
What this means is we have basic editing but also integrated build 
functionality too.
You can see / contribute to the TODO list / plan 

I'd be delighted to get feedback or suggestions on what's there or 
what's planned.
You can grab the code 


Andy Williams
blog:http://ajwillia.ms <http://ajwillia.ms/>
web:http://andywilliams.me <http://andywilliams.me/>

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