Hi all,

Although I confess to limited skills/knowledge, I am trying to help a 
bit with E20 in Mageia (not currently my primary distro) where it has 
not been well supported.

At the moment authentication is not working in the beta of Mageia 6 
(with E20.7). For example, Mageia Control Center (drakconf) to configure 
the system, install programs, update, etc. simply does not start from 
the menu as no authentication appears. MCC can be started manually from 
the terminal as root.

Polkit and mate-polkit are present and the actions for polkit seem to be 
fully defined. However:

1) Adding mate-polkit to E's autostart list does not work.

2) Substituting lxsession/lxpolkit for mate-polkit does not work.

What am I missing (likely something obvious!)/how can I debug this?


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