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> Hi Folks, it's been a while since I don't check this list, but I have a
> question.
> Currently, I'm using E0.21.2 (I'm using the sparky repos which, as far as I
> can tell, uses the latest tar from the official site). It's running in a
> lenovo e440 with intel video. And I have it attached to 2x23 monitors
> (vga + hdmi) and I'm also using the laptop screen
> The question I have is: Is it possible to modify the screen alignement, so
> the laptop monitor is aligned with the lower part of the other monitors?
> I remember E19 (or 17, or 18 or 20, can remember exaclty which one, sorry)
> had a more visual screen configuration. This new screen setup has an
> alignment bar, but when I change it it doesn't do anything noticeable

that alignment slider does what you want - it aligns relative tothe screen it's
relative to. eg if it's "right of" then it'll align vertical alignment relative
to the screen it's ... right ... of. :)

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