On Mon, Jan 09, 2017 at 03:57:50PM +0000, Stephen Houston wrote:
> Following in the footsteps of Boris with Terminology, I would also like to
> get Ephoto final released.  We have been on beta 2 for a while now.  Please
> respond to this mail or file tickets on phab with any questions, comments,
> queries, or ponders you have with Ephoto right now.  Suggestions,
> compliments, and harsh criticism welcome.  Assuming it fits the timeline, I
> would like to release this week.
Hi, it looks great. Good job. I have a minor issue: I defined
in the enlightenment settings the default application for 
image/png to Ephoto. When I double click on a picture it will
load the first picture of the directory, not  the one I clicked.

This is Enlightenment 0.21.5 , EFL: 1.18.4 and Ephoto: 1.0-beta2

Maybe am I missing something ?

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