I'm running into a problem while trying to build efl-1.20.5. I'm
working with a system that pretty much had no header files, or
anything needed for the compile to work. Many repeated runs of the
"configure" script gradually helped me find the ones needed. Until it
came the "make" step. Apparently I'm missing hwcomposer.h:

In file included from modules/evas/engines/eglfs/evas_outbuf.c:1:0:
modules/evas/engines/eglfs/evas_engine.h:18:25: fatal error:
hwcomposer.h: No such file or directory

I've tried looking for this header file, but have so far only found
references to Android. I'm trying to get EFL working on a Linux box.
Is there a development package i'm missing that "configure" didn't
check for? Is there a "configure" or "make" option i should have used
that i missed?


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