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> On Tue, 6 Mar 2018 09:44:20 -0300 Juan Matias de la Camara
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> > I can't find a way to set "tap to click" and "natural scrolling" on my
> > touchpad.
> > 
> e has nothing. you might want to look at synclient (synaptics client) to
> configure it on the cmdline.
It really would be nice to have something for those of use who have not used a 
mouse in nearly 15 years and whose wrists thank us for it!

Juan, just edit the libinput config directly (in X11: 
    Arch Wiki (always good no matter your distro!): 
    Man pages: https://www.mankier.com/4/libinput (or of course, man libinput 
in the terminal)

If you are using Wayland, there is a graphical front end (see link at bottom of 
Arch wiki).


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