Hello Greg.

You wrote your question to the wrong list (e-b0rk is only used for our
tools to report problems)

I added the enlightenment user list in the hope that someone has a reply
for you.

Stefan Schmidt

On 13.04.2018 08:33, greg sellers wrote:
> Good morning
> Can you assist?
> I have for many years used e16 and e16-gnome as my window manager
> (xubuntu 12.04 and ubuntu 12.04). I use it normally with the gimp so
> that I can spread a single drawing or schematic diagram over 2x3
> "desktops" (or more) and draw by moving the mouse to the adjacent desktop.
> I recently upgraded my version to ubuntu 18.04 and I am unable to get
> e16 working.
> Could you provide a step by step procedure to get either e16, e16-gnome,
> e16-gnome2 (or 3) working.
> Thanks
> Gregory J Sellers B. Sc. E.
> gsell...@lituus.com.au
> +61 (0)419 722 346

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