= Python-EFL 1.21.0 release=
We are pleased to announce that **Python-EFL** 1.21.0 is now released and
available for download.

== Download ==


The packages is also available on pypi, to install just use:
pip install python-efl

For convenience the tarballs contain both the Cython sources and generated
intermediary C sources, meaning you **do not** need Cython to compile the
bindings. Full cython sources are also publicly accessible from our git
repository at:

More information about the python bindings can be found at:


= What's New =

As always new features of EFL 1.21 have been ported and the usual has been
done in fixing bugs, optimizing speed and improve documentation.  (see
**ChangeLog** in the tarball for the full list of changes)


= Building and Dependencies =

If you have existing Python-EFL installed you may wish to uninstall them
before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during install
and/or runtime.

To build the bindings you will need the following libraries:
* python (Python 2.6+/3.2+)
* efl (1.21)
* python-dbus (0.83+)

If you wish to compile using the Cython sources a required dependency is:
* cython (0.28+)

To install the bindings run:

  (sudo) python setup.py install

  (sudo) python3 setup.py install

To generate the documentation locally you need:
* sphinx (1.1+)
* graphviz (optional)

To build the documentation:

  python setup.py build_doc

For more information on available build options see:

  python setup.py --help


= Projects using Python-EFL =

EpyMC - Media Center | https://github.com/DaveMDS/epymc
Espionage - D-Bus inspector |
Epour - BitTorrent Client | https://phab.enlightenment.org/w/projects/epour/
Econnman - Connman GUI | https://phab.enlightenment.org/w/projects/econnman/
Eluminance - Fast photo browser | https://github.com/DaveMDS/eluminance
Egitu - Git User Interface | https://github.com/DaveMDS/egitu
Edone - GettingThingsDone  | https://github.com/DaveMDS/edone
Lekha - PDF viewer | https://github.com/kaihu/lekha
Polkit-EFL - Polkit agent |
Epack - Archive extractor | https://github.com/wfx/epack

... and many more that cannot fit in this short list.
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