OK, this is about to deal with Java which is its own can of worms, but I 
recently had to install a Java-based tax program here in Spain which installs 
and runs perfectly on my small Mageia 6 (stable) laptop with E21, but which has 
a completely transparent main window on my regular Mageia Cauldron 
(development) laptop with E22. All the popup windows render perfectly, but not 
the main one -- which creates a wee bit of a usability issue.

The first suspect was a driver. However, by default Mageia installs a light 
IceWM alongside the main DE . . . and the program works just fine in an IceWM 
session in Cauldron -- pretty much narrowing it down to something not playing 
nice with E22.

Are there any known graphics/rendering issues with E22 and some of the latest 
packages (e.g., meson)? Any tips for tracking the problem down?

I know that the Mageia devs will soon be moving toward a freeze to get Mga7 
out, so I would like to see if the problem can be isolated/fixed.

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