I use the program MakeMKV.  When it completes a process, it creates a
new status window that appears in the upper right of my screen.  These
windows are persistent across all virtual desktops, and are always on
top.  They have only the "X" button, but that button does not do
anything.  I can't right-click or otherwise bring up any additional
option menu for these windows.

If I right-click on the desktop, and look under the "Windows" menu,
these windows do *not* appear in that list.

I tried to use "xkill" on them, but that resulted in Enlightenment
itself getting killed and booting me out to the login screen.

The only way I've found to remove these windows is to restart
Enlightenment.  Since they are always on top, they are too annoying to
simply ignore.

Anyone have any ideas how I can remove these?


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