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Is there an example or a tutorial ?
   If you do your own edc and
style and use this style for the genlist item then the edje object is your
design and can be whatever you want.

Well, I am a bit stubborn...

OK, I suppose I can do that, I search somewhere in the source, I
duplicate all what is needed, I modify the font name, Icompile. OK.

So still my question. Is there an example or a tutorial to do that ?
where is the edc for genlist item?


that group - make a new one named elm/genlist/item/default/MYSTYLE

replace MYSTYLE with whatever you want to name it... then compile that to an
edj file and then add tat edj file as a theme extension with
elm_theme_extension_add(NULL, "/path/to/myfile.edj") and ensure you use your
named style for your genlist items you want to be different :)

Thnk you, now, I try that...

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