> I am trying to install an extension called OKTA (Single Sigh On tool)
> globally on our Windows enterprise. What ever I do, when launching the
> Firefox, it again asks to Enable or allow the extension. Please help me
> on how to distribute extensions to enterprise.

This is what I do to achieve this:


// Specify the name of the Autoconfig file
pref('general.config.filename', 'firefox.cfg');

// Don't byte shift the autoconfig file (by default it is ROT13 in
Firefox, nothing in Thunderbird)
pref('general.config.obscure_value', 0);

%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Mozilla firefox\firefox.cfg

// Don't automatically disable our bundled extensions in the Firefox
extensions directory
pref("extensions.autoDisableScopes", 3);

pref("app.update.log", true);

This is the profile scope. This means any add-on that is in the current
profile directory.

This is the user scope. This means any add-on that is referenced by the
current USER’s registry entry or any add-on that is in the user’s
extensions directory.

4 (SCOPE_APPLICATION) - This is the application scope. This means any
add-on that is in the extensions directory where the executable is
located." is Firefox's extension directory.

8 (SCOPE_SYSTEM) - This is the system scope. This means any add-on that
is referenced by a SYSTEM/MACHINE registry entry or any add-on that is
in the system's extensions directory. Windows does not have a system
extension directory.




> 1.       Am able to install it by copying the extracted XPI files to
> “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser\extensions” folder with
> ID (plu...@okta.com <mailto:plu...@okta.com>) as the folder name

Note that you night not even have to extract the XPI:

"Optional Property Reference
A true or false value that tells the application whether the extension
requires its files be unpacked into a directory in order to work or
whether the extension can be loaded direct from the XPI. In versions
before Gecko 2.0 all extensions were unpacked, in Gecko 2.0 and later
the default is to not unpack. If an extension includes the following
then it must request unpacking:
    Binary XPCOM components
    Search plugins
    DLLs loaded with ctypes
    Window icons"


Pete Boyd

Open Plan IT - http://openplanit.co.uk
The Golden Ear - http://thegoldenear.org
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