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Scott Haneda wrote:

on 05/14/2004 04:41 PM, Mark Goodman at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Well, good to know it is not my vision going :-)
I just went and tried out a few other email apps to see how they all dealt
with this behavior, the 3 others I tested were able to show my nice plain
monaco 9.

I am just not willing to bump it up to 10 point, since it is still tough to
read and just looks blurry to me, for as much time as I spend in email, 9
point was always just right for me the way it was in the past.

As part of our switch to the ATSUI APIs, due to some limitations in ATSUI, we could not display non-anti-aliased Monaco with the correct spacing and also show anti-aliased text correctly. I tried very hard to find a way to do this, and talked to the ATSUI developers at Apple, but I couldn't come up with a solution. I don't know of any workaround.

Hmm, I have to say, this is a real bummer for me, I don't quite know what I
am going to do.  I wonder if I may ask you a question...

I do not know the details of what ATSUI is, other than a quick google on it.
I am curious how other apps are able to deal with this issue.  For example,
TextEdit, which has Unicode support, can do a Monaco 9 with no smoothing and
it looks just like it did in E-rage X.  I have to assume they use ATSUI as
well?  Safari's view source mode has no trouble with this also. Other apps,
for which I have no idea how the ATSUI stuff works, also are able to pull
this off.  Just curious.

TextEdit uses Cocoa's text engine, which doesn't have this limitation. Entourage X used QuickDraw, which doesn't have this limitation, but does not support Unicode text.

Can someone offer any other font suggestions to me to test out that would
perhaps allow me to get closer to my desired display, as it is now, I
downgraded cause of this, I really would love to upgrade, at this point, I
am kinda stuck.

Andale Mono is nice, although I use 12 point.


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