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>> Help us help you: How are you trying to load the old Mishawaka now? What
>> makes you think the old version doesn't work in Mac OS X 10.5.x? What
>> happens when you try to use it?
> Font Manager indicates it is damaged. When I do try to use it Entourage (and
> Word) take much longer to load. After I have been running without a restart
> for a while Entourage 'forgets' my Plain Text Font preference and defaults
> to Consolas.
> Maybe there is a font conflict...

Maybe the font really is damaged as Font Book says.

If you know someone who has a copy of Extensis Suitcase then ask him to use
the FontDoctor application to diagnose and/or repair the file. Other
applications are available for the same function.

Also, Mac OS X creates caches of fonts, which applications will then use.
Your font caches may need cleaning so try a font cache cleaner or a tool
such as Cocktail.

Hope this helps!



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